Where Are Our Woonerfs?


street signDescribed as an exploration of “new ways of thinking in the community design process,” the 2nd of 3 ‘Placemaking‘ meetings will be held at 7 p.m. tomorrow (Monday, 2007/11/26) in Council chambers.

Having been fortunate enough to attend a similar presentation by Mr. John Fleming (Mgr. Planning & Development; City of London) at the White Oaks Community Centre last year, I unreservedly recommend that you consider attending this.

Wikipedia: Woonerf
City of London: Placemaking in the City of London
PedSafe: Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasures
KnowledgeJump: Learning Woonerfs
2004/05 – City of London: Smart Growth & Placemaking in London
2004/05/05 – ArchitectureWeek: Streets for people too
2004/05/27 – WorldChanging: Anarchy the key to safe streets?
2005/08 – Roads&Bridges: Care to Share?
2005/10/31 – Portland Transport: Beyond the Woonerf, Evolution of Cycling…
2006/05/30 – HereWeAre: Have you ever seen a woonerf?
2006/09 – TEC: Shared Space, the alternative approach…
2006/11/20 – Planetizen: Smart Growth Safety Benefits
2007/11/25 – Toronto Star: What a ‘city of neighbourhoods’ can learn…
2007/11/26 – City of London: Placemaking Information Report

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One Response to “Where Are Our Woonerfs?”

  1. Terrence Seamon Says:


    Thanks for adding my blog entry to the list.

    I wish my town (in central New Jersey) had a Placemaking meeting.

    Best wishes,


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