The Fight For Personal Privacy: Already Lost?


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Dan Brown’s post about stealth advertising (‘There’s a new word for product placement: it’s now called “integration”‘; 2007/11/28) and his subsequent post about the modern technological capability to monitor your personal behaviour (‘TiVo in Canada‘; 2007/11/30) reminded me of the movie in which the multimedia display ads in various store windows automatically assailed one of the movie characters (personalized their content as he walked past). Somebody help me out… what’s the movie’s title?

Dan’s drive-by comment that “if you’re paranoid, you probably also don’t want the folks at TiVo’s home office knowing which shows you watch” does little to appease my growing conviction that privacy can no longer ever be taken for granted. In fact, it may well be approaching the point where it’s safer and intelligent to presume the opposite.

The CRTC’s “Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2007-53” states that “39. Most parties had no objection to deregulating non-traditional forms of advertising such as product placement and virtual advertising” and that “43. …the Commission considers it essential that OTA broadcasters have the flexibility to maximize advertising revenues … the Commission will … remove non-traditional advertising (product placement, virtual ads) from the calculation of the maximum number of advertising minutes that may be broadcast.” Oh joy!

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