Human Population


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Although the rate of global human population increase has almost halved since it’s 1963 peak, it’s still a serious concern. Currently, our species continues to increase by almost 204,000 every day.

At the same time, global life expectancy has risen from 46 years (in 1950) to 65 years (in 2005), and even higher in developed countries.

As 3rd-world countries progress economically, limited resources will become more depleted. But worse than that, the ability of the environment to withstand the stress of our consumption may well reach a breaking point.

Click HERE to watch David Bleja‘s great learning simulation.

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3 Responses to “Human Population”

  1. Entertainment News Says:

    this is been great to watch , i always like these!

  2. AnthonyNorth Says:

    This breaking point will definitely come, but I fear we won’t take real action until it does. It is the human way.
    Unless we change the way we do things.

  3. callumscott2 Says:

    People have always worried about population control getting out of hand. Thomas Malthus predicted that we would run out of food and population growth would be restrained but in actual fact humanity just created more food and space certainly isn’t an issue. The UK and New Zealand are very similar in geography and are almost the same by area yet the UK comfortably fits 60 million people in its borders and still only uses 10% of its land as urban area. New Zealand meanwhile has only 4 million people so there is definitely room for growth.

    In terms of resources I think the world will shift to being more sustainable and population growth will be easily accomodated.

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