Wastewater Tax Increase


According to CLEAR: Shared AccountabilityThe storm drainage system in the city is extensive. Over 1,100 km of storm sewers help remove surface water and transport it to creeks and rivers… Eliminating roof downspout connections to the storm sewer system and ensuring that there are no connections to the sanitary sewer systems is another way to reduce the harmful affects to the river. The Drainage By-law has specific drainage related stipulations that require residents to handle storm water on their own property first by allowing it to infiltrate into the soil.”

When I tried to raise the subject of wastewater during the past municipal election campaign (click HERE and HERE), there didn’t appear to be much interest.

But wait! As part of the new water system budget, London’s City Council has just increased the wastewater tax by $40. You’ll now be paying about $478 next year for the water/wastewater services that you enjoy.

Perhaps more people will be interested in things like runoff diversion now. You think?

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2007/12/05 – The Londoner: $67 more a year for water and sewer services


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