McParking Fines


Happy enough to lure children into a fast-food lifestyle, but not so pleased with it’s older drive-thru customers, or so it seems.

A McDonald’s spokesperson explained that they have imposed parking restrictions in England. Drivers who are still on it’s lots 45 minutes after receiving their order are hit with a £125 ticket (approx. $225) because “people were abusing…privileges” (‘McParking row as slow eaters are fined‘; The Guardian; 2007/12/11).

The article goes on to say that “many supermarkets and restaurants are handing over the management of their car parks to companies which use number plate recognition cameras to log when people enter and leave… Civil Enforcement operates more than 700 car parks, and says it issues a “considerable number” of parking tickets every year..”

Coincidentally, McDonald’s announced just two months ago that “by the end of 2007, all of its UK restaurants will offer free Wifi” (‘UK McDonalds to host largest free WiFi network‘; TechBlorge; 2007/10/08).

The feasability of a Parking Authority is currently being studied by London, Ontario.

2007/12/11 – Channel4: McFines for slow eaters


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