Consumer Alert – Feds Attack Canadians with Saturated Fat


OTTAWA, Dec. 17 /CNW/ - 
With Federal Government Ministers 
Jim Flaherty (Finance), David Emerson 
(International Trade), and Gerry Ritz (Agriculture) 
poised to announce the passing of legislation to substantially 
increase the fat content of cheeses sold in Canada, the 
Consumers' Association of Canada wonders if 
Health Minister Tony Clement is asleep at the switch. 

Why is he not publically opposing this legislation which will
prove disastrous to the future health of Canadians and place
a huge burden on our already overloaded Health Care System?
“Higher saturated fat content in our foods means more people
will suffer strokes and heart attacks. I read the advice by
the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Their message is clear,
Canadians should reduce their consumption of saturated fats
from sources such as dairy products,” said
CAC President, Bruce Cran.

The Consumers’ Association calls on Minister Clement to
step forward and protect Canadians by opposing this
legislation. “I do not know of a single Canadian who believes
they should consume more saturated fat,” said Cran.
“This is just a payoff to the dairy industry at the expense
of the health of Canadian consumers.”

For further information:
Bruce Cran (613) 291-7999

2007/12/14 – ReportOnBusiness: Protectionist cheese standards a done deal


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