BSE #11 … and counting


Canada’s 11th confirmed case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was announced earlier today.

The 13-year-old ‘mad cow’ was born in Alberta “before Canada and the United States introduced a ban in 1997 on cattle feed that contained ingredients made from rendered cattle and other ruminants…Canada has now also banned the risk material from all types of livestock feed in an effort to eliminate BSE from Canada’s herd within 10 years.”

The diseased beef cow “spent its entire life on the same farm”, and CFIA ( the Canadian Food Inspection Agency) was reported to have said that “no part of the animal’s carcass had entered the human or animal food supply.”

A CFIA inspector said that [the]BSE surveillance program…has tested about 190,000 cattle since 2003.”

2007/12/18 – Reuters: Canada finds 11th BSE case in old beef cow
2007/12/18 – CTV: CFIA reports new mad cow case in Alberta
2007/12/18 – CattleNetwork: BSE Case Confirmed In Alberta
2007/12/18 – CP: Food inspection agency confirms mad cow…
2007/12/18 – WallacesFarmer: New BSE Case Found In Canada
2007/12/18 – SaskatoonHomepage: BSE Case in Alberta
2007/12/18 – CdnCattlemen: CFIA finds Canada’s 11th mad cow
2007/12/18 – AP: Canadian food inspection agency confirms mad cow
2007/12/18 – AFP: Canada finds mad cow in 13-year-old steer
2007/12/18 – Bloomberg: Canada Confirms Eleventh Case of Mad-Cow Disease
2007/12/18 – Brownfield: Canada finds latest case of BSE
2007/12/18 – NQR: New case of mad cow in Canada
2007/12/19 – Toronto Star: Case of mad cow confirmed


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