Free Solar-Powered Public Transit


bus imageJust like Hamilton Councillor Sam Merulla’s proposal for a free public transit system, Adelaide Australia’s world’s-first solar-powered electric bus, is an example of visionary thinking.

Would you like to see London’s LTC purchase one of these to put it through it’s paces and calculate the economics of having a whole fleet of them?

2007/12/19 – TreeHugger: When the sun shines down under…
2007/12/13 – DesignLine: media release
2007/12/13 – AutoBlogGreen: Tindo solar-powered bus makes its debut
2007/12/18 – Inhabitat: Tindo, the solar-powered bus!
CityAdelaide: Tindo solar bus
Electric hybrid promo video

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One Response to “Free Solar-Powered Public Transit”

  1. Thomas Czermak Says:

    Wow, this is super-interesting. Thanks for the find. I’ll be checking up on this development in the future.

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