Community Consultation re Waste Management


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“The broad field of waste management is a complex discipline that includes, but is not limited to, environmental protection, public education, waste reduction, recycling, composting, garbage collection, landfill construction and maintenance, data gathering and analysis, government regulation, and public relations. For municipal governments it requires staff that is continually learning new strategies, complying with government regulations and adapting and advancing techniques of waste diversion, collection and disposal. In London, the program is referred to as the Continuous Improvement System.” 01

Now, the City of London wants your opinion. You are being asked to read it’s just-released consultative ‘Road Map to Maximize Waste Diversion in London‘ report, that “outlines and explains a number of options the City has compiled and/or developed to help Londoners achieve higher diversion rates,” and to complete/submit a questionaire/comments form that it contains.

In 1989, London was only diverting 4% of it’s residential waste from the landfill. In 2006 we hit the 40% mark. A significant achievement to be sure, but where do we go from here?

Would you like to see a green bin program? Regulation of plastic grocery bags? An expansion of what can be put in the blue box? Increased garbage pickup? Zero-waste public events?

Don’t just gripe about it, this is a chance for you to have your say!

In addition to the PDF-format of the document that I’ve just provided a link to, hardcopies are also available at City Hall and at local libraries.

Click HERE for more background information about what’s going on.

01. 2003/07/25 – City of London: Solid Waste Management
02. 2007/12/23 – City of London: Road Map Sec #2

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  1. Thomas Cermak Says:


    This one would of passed me by if it were not for this post.

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