Assault on LTC Driver


It’s been reported that after being asked to keep wet boots off of a bus seat early Saturday evening, a 25 y.o. male passenger “spat in the driver’s face…then punched through the front window of the bus, causing more than $2,000 in damage” and that the man’s 24 y.o. female companion “kicked the driver” (‘Couple arrested after bus driver assaulted‘; Daniela Simunac; London Free Press; 2007/12/31).

Public transit users who behave discourteously toward other passengers (feet on seats, occupying more than one seat, profanity, failure to surrender seats to elderly/disabled persons, etc) don’t deserve the priviledge of using the service and ought to be asked by the operator to cease such behaviour or disembark. In doing so, the operator helps to preserve the service for all of us. Any assault upon an LTC operator is an assault upon the entire community of users which public transit serves. It must be condemned loudly and by all of us.


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