Better Health Protection in City of Calgary


Trans fat is created by turning liquid oils into semi-solid cooking/baking fats. Besides imparting a taste and texture to food that many people prefer, these fats are cheaper than healthier alternatives. Which is why so many restaurants use them. But trans fats raise the level of low-density lipoprotein or “bad” cholesterol in the body and can lead to clogged arteries and heart disease.

The federal government has resisted regulation of the industry practise. Instead of acting in the public interest, the feds have simply asked food producers to voluntarily meet a 2006 task force guideline that no more than 5 per cent of the total fat content in any food should consist of trans fats. Even though there is no safe level of consumption.

So, kudos to the city of Calgary, Alberta. Beginning 2008/01/01, restaurants in that municipality “will not be allowed to cook with fats and oils that have more than 2-per-cent trans fats in total fat content. The same rule applies to all margarines and margarine-based spreads served in those outlets” (‘Calgary cracks down on trans fat‘; Globe & Mail; 2007/12/31 ). It becomes the first city in Canada to institute such health-conscious protection.

2006/12/23 – Calgary Sun: CHR eyes ban on trans fats
2007/03/28 – CBC: Calgary continues push for trans fat ban
2007/07/16 – Toronto Star: `Fat Cat’ Calgary set to slim down
2007/12/21 – FMBS: The King of Trans-Fat
2007/12/28 – CTV: Calgary to be Canada’s first trans fat-free city
2008/01/03 – Globe & Mail: The hidden hazards of trans-fat bans


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