Year-End Reminder – 2007


click meWell, it’s getting towards that time of year again when politicians receive automatic salary raises, usually accompanied by a silence that is uncharacteristic of them.

It’s the time of the year that I like to point out that fact.

It’s the time of the year that I like to propose, as I so often have in the past, a fairer way of establishing political raises. A way that would have the added benefit of keeping our “leaders” more in touch with the plight of the disadvantaged.

From my 2006 municipal election platform re taxes:
I oppose any automatic wage increase for local politicians unless a policy is adopted which ties those kind of auomatic salary increases to social assistance rates.
You might also like to review my 2007/04/18 Council Salaries post.

You may wish to pay particular attention this year, given the recent trial balloon that appeared in our local daily with respect to the possibility of increased City Hall expense accounts. IMHO, Council needs to tackle the concept of public scrutiny of their expense accounts; i.e. disclosure, rules about allowable expenditures, a municipal Ombudsman who can respond to citizen complaints, etc.

But that’s just me. What do you think?

City of London: Council Members’ Expense Account
2007/09/13 – FMBS: NDP Pay Pledge
2007/12/22 – LFP: Stage set to double council expense accounts
2007/12/24 – LFP: Silent Campaign Platforms
2007/12/24 – LFP: Expense Accounts
2008/02/29 – Globe & Mail: MPs to get raise to $155,400 annually


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