Mayor’s Honour List – 2008


“The Mayor of London’s annual Honours List began in 1976 with recognition of contributions to the Arts. Since 1989, additional categories such as the Environment and Physically Challenged have provided tribute to the diversity of philanthropic work taking place in The Forest City.”

Jonathan Sher identifies 8 people who have apparently been named to this year’s list (‘Inspiring Londoners honoured‘; London Free Press; 2008/01/01). According to the article, they are:

Arts Dr. Margaret Whitby London Arts Council
Diversity and
Race Relations
Michelle Edwards LDRRAC
Environment Thom McClenaghan ACE
Heritage Stephen Harding LACH
Housing Jeff Schlemmer LHAC
Humanitarianism Henri Boyd LDRRAC
Person with
Dr. Cathy Chovaz AAC
Safety and
Crime Prevention
??? CSCP
Sports Todd Sargeant London Sports Council

sshhhI’ve been unable to confirm the list, since there’s no mention of it anyplace on the city website where I would expect such information to appear, even as late as 11:00 am today. No mention on the Media Releases page… the Honours List link on the Mayor’s Office page still shows last year’s recipients… the Honours List Archive page doesn’t list the new additions… nothing on the Living in the City page… and to top it all off, the New Website Info page still hasn’t been updated since June.

So much for London’s ‘accessible’ City Hall )-:

I can’t wait to find out why there doesn’t appear to be a recipient in the Safety & Crime Prevention category. That absence should also tell you something about the city that we live in.


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5 Responses to “Mayor’s Honour List – 2008”

  1. Butch McLarty Says:

    Butch McLarty’s Alt-London had the 2008 Mayor’s Honour Roster up shortly after midnight last night.

    Mr. Sher has misspelled the name of honouree Henri Boyi (not Boyd).

    If you want your own copy of the list you can pick one up from the guard in the lobby of city hall. They were available to the media after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

    There’s a buzzer to alert the guard to the east (right) of the front door.

    Last year there was no honouree in the category of Housing. Go figure. This year it’s Safety and Crime Prevention. The advisory committees responsible appear to be out of touch with their own community as there’s always several worthy people in both categories each and every year.

  2. fowgre Says:

    I wouldn’t have taken the bus down to City Hall after midnight on New Year’s Eve in order to buzz the guard to slip me a copy even if I’d known that it was there. It ought to have been posted on the city’s website before it was available anywhere else, or to anybody else.

  3. Butch McLarty Says:

    Ought to, should have, could have. I should be a billionaire. I could have been a rock star blah blah blah.

    The reality is that city hall is closed (office staff) from Christmas Eve Day at 12 noon until Wednesday, January 2, 2007. But obviously they could have someone put it up on the City’s website from home, but like the Freep, they don’t do that sort of thing.

    That’s why the Freep is so easy to scoop. Complacency.

    If the media wants the list they go to city hall to get it. Either that or they can simply log on to Alt-London as I have it up by 12:10 a.m. on Jan. 1.

    In fact, the LFP gets preferential treatment by getting the roster a day before everyone else as it appeared in today’s paper (Jan. 1) this year and last. That means they get it long before everyone else does at 12 midnight because they go to press at 10 p.m.

  4. fowgre Says:

    > the LFP gets preferential treatment
    And you agree with that, Barry?

    >ought to, should have
    That’s right. Info releases ought to be made available to the whole community, at the same time. And the easiest, cheapest, fastest way to do that is to post it to the city website at least as soon as you release it any other way. Just as they did with the 2008 Budget Guide today, and which I’ve already posted about.

  5. Butch McLarty Says:

    No, I don’t agree with the preferential treatment that the LFP gets but I invariably have it up on Alt-London before it appears in the print edition of the LFP anyway because they don’t post it online shortly after 12 midnight as I do.

    On the other hand, I don’t see it as a capital offence as the City has released it early to the LFP for their Jan. 1 edition due to printing schedules and the City enjoys the publicity.

    I’m sure they’d do the same for other print media but unfortunately there’s no other print dailies locally and The Londoner shuts down Christmas and New Year’s.

    By the way, the info is still not up on the City’s website!

    And it’s Henri Boyi not Boyd –unless my copy of the City’s media release is wrong, which I doubt.

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