Ted Kheel’s Fight for Free Public Transit


Ted Kheel is a labor attorney/environmentalist who founded the Nurture Nature Foundation and has been lobbying for free transit in New York City for a lot of years. In Feb. 2007 he commissioned a $100,000 study which is expected to be released shortly. Some of the preliminary materials are available online now:

Mini Report is a 6-pg. summary of the study’s preliminary findings; Traffic Analysis Appendix is a 14-pg. outline about the methodology for quantifying the effects of the Kheel Plan on traffic, travel times and New York’s quality of life; and Balanced Transportation Analyzer is a spreadsheet model that links NYC’s tolls, fares, traffic and travel.

This kind of thinking makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe that’s why I’ve also been proposing it for a lot of years.

By charging city drivers a fee, many would be discouraged and congestion would be substantially reduced. It’s reasonable to assume that there would be a corresponding reduction in what it now costs to maintain/widen roads, build parking garages, not to mention the frequency and costs associated with vehicle collisions and police investigations. At the same time, eliminate all fares for public transit and use the congestion fees to help cover that cost.

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One Response to “Ted Kheel’s Fight for Free Public Transit”

  1. socialscientist Says:

    There are now a website and a blog dedicated to advocating free public transit.



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