Civil ‘Justice’ Reform Project


Here’s a media release from the office of Ontario’s Attorney General. Read the first paragraph, but I’m not sure that you have to go any further than that.

   TORONTO, Jan. 15 /CNW/ - Ontario is looking for input from legal
associations, lawyers and judges on how to make the civil justice system
faster and less expensive.
    "Our goal is to help Ontarians resolve disputes faster with lower costs
by simplifying the civil justice system," said Attorney General Chris Bentley.
    Bentley is holding focussed discussions in communities across Ontario
following the release of the Civil Justice Reform Project: Summary of Findings
and Recommendations, a commissioned report from the Honourable Coulter
    The Attorney General will begin his tour today in Toronto, and continue
over the next two months with stops in a number of communities across the
    In November 2007, the government released Mr. Osborne's
81 recommendations touching on 18 areas of procedural and substantive law,
including small claims, trial management, appeals, technology, civility,
unrepresented litigants and proportionality.
    To develop his recommendations, Mr. Osborne carried out province-wide
consultations, researched reforms in other jurisdictions, struck three
advisory committees and reviewed over 100 submissions.
    The summary report is available on the ministry's website in both French
and English at
    Public comment on the Civil Justice Reform Project: Summary of Findings
and Recommendations can be sent to
    "Our civil justice system exists to serve the people of Ontario," added
Bentley. "I'm interested in hearing how Mr.Osborne's recommendations will
improve the speed and affordability of our system."


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