Rising Car Use


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Statistics Canada has just released a report called ‘Dependence on cars in urban neighbourhoods.’ It’s based on data from the 2005 General Social Survey and is part of the Agency’s Canadian Social Trends series, and it should serve as a call to arms for anyone who’s intelligent enough to be concerned about urban sprawl and our reliance on automobile travel.

In 1992, 68% of Canadians (aged 18 and over) drove everywhere. By 1998, the proportion had increased to 70% and in 2005 it hit 74%. In the meantime, the rate of those biking and walking fell from 26% in 1992 to 19% in 2005.

Numbers indicate that people who live in central urban neighbourhoods drive less than people who reside farther from the core. But the problem is that cities are sprawling like a cancer.

01. StatsCan: Dependence on cars in urban neighbourhoods

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2 Responses to “Rising Car Use”

  1. futurebird Says:

    Sorry to see these trends in Canada, of course in the US it has been a problem for a long time now.

  2. mbjesq Says:

    The relationship between automobile dependence and suburban sprawl is a vicious cycle. It is little surprise that Canda is deeply enveloped in this pattern of consumerist, marketing-driven, ultimately dystopian, learned afinities. Quite a bit sadder is to watch newly developing countries slip into this mid-twentieth century, utterly unsustainable, landscape ruining paradigm. My short essay about India is called India Going Nowhere Fast.

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