Sign the Petition… for Your Own Sake!


In my last post I referred to the potentially +$10 million property tax dollars that Londoners may have to pay for fighting an insect infestation, when it stands to reason that the full cost should be a shared provincial/federal responsibility. You can bet your boots that you had to pay GST on, that when provincial and federal politicians are handing out cash, they’re here all dressed up and smiling for their photo op. But when they turn around and transfer the financial responsibility for programs, they’re most often pretty quiet about it.

In fact, many people don’t ever take any notice. It doesn’t register on them because that recent innocuous blurb in a government press release wasn’t the kind that is meant to draw attention. If they wanted you to notice it, then it might say something like this:

Even though our hand is filled with the cash that we took from your left pocket (because that’s where you always put the money that we always take to pay for the the ‘stuff’ that we provide for you), and even though it’s lots more than we need to pay for your ‘stuff’ just like in previous years, and even though the year-after-year accumulation of all that extra cash is starting to get embarassing, we’re now putting our other hand into your other pocket. Just because we decided to, and because we figure you’ll let us.

It’s comparatively easy for the provincial and federal governments to pay for the things they want, because they have many ways to collect it. But your city government has limited ability to get the money it needs to function, and the main one is property tax. It’s become an increasingly dysfunctional instrument in the past half-century as we’ve moved much more demonstrably to a city-society compared to the previously farm-based rural society.

It’s way past time for an overhaul, like giving cities the same kind of ability to determine their own taxes that the higher governments have. And maybe doing away with property taxes altogether! But don’t expect that to happen any time soon…

Something that may be possible now though, provided enough people make a big enough noise about it, is a miniscule share of just one of the fed’s taxes. London is asking that just one cent of every GST dollar that the feds take from you be given to your city of London to spend on all the things that you expect but don’t want to pay more property taxes for. Like keeping any more roads from collapsing into the ground. Because it’s true, you ARE paying enough tax already. Only it’s going to the wrong government.

Is it asking too much? That for every 100 GST pennies that they take from you, the feds give London just one of them?

Grant Hopcroft is London’s Intergovernmental Liaison Director, and he was at the ETC meeting this evening to ask for help in getting the word out. To me, and YOU, and everybody else who lives in London. He wants us to sign the petition that’s on the city website in order to let your federal politicians know that you support the request that London get that measly one cent. That’s all. For now. Just to get the necessary tax re-balancing started. Such a small first step. So reasonable!

Please do it now, before you forget. Click HERE to go to the city website page where you’ll find a big blue link that says “Sign our online petition.”

Thank you. Feels good to work together doesn’t it? So, one last request. Do what I did. Go and ask somebody you know to do what you did. OMG, we’re cookin’ now!

2006 Fowler Election Platform – Taxes


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2 Responses to “Sign the Petition… for Your Own Sake!”

  1. NIAC Says:

    Hmm … it doesn’t leave room for bashing the federal goverment … It should have had ‘Name’, ‘E-mail’, ‘Describe your feelings toward the Federal Government’.


  2. fowgre Says:

    You’re right, but the city website is just starting to venture into online surveys, petitions, etc. and it may take them a bit of a while to get comfortable with it and start to appreciate the best way to do those things. I encourage you to send Grant Hopcroft an email and express your opinion to him, and copy the email to the city’s communications dept.

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