Patrick Maloney’s Jumbo-tron Half-Truth


Another example of selective reporting by the London Free Press, and it’s penchant for ignoring my initiatives (even when public safety is concerned). This time it’s about the proposed Jumbo-tron on Richmond Street which I opposed. Read my original post HERE.

According to the article (‘City says big no to big screen ‘; London Free Press; 2008/02/04), “it would damage the core’s atmosphere.”

No mention at all of my written submission to the Planning Committee, or the danger to pedestrians from increased driver inattentiveness that this would cause.

Why does the London Free Press continue to ignore issues which pertain to pedestrian rights and pedestrian safety? Visit the London Free Press ‘Editors Blog’ and read my recent exchange with Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton, and witness his continued reluctance to publicly discuss this with me. Remember the last municipal election campaign, in which I wasn’t allowed a fair opportunity to compete and the LFP refusal to cover what was going on?

After a while you really do have to ask yourself, how much truth are you really getting? Or are you just being spun like so much salad prior to being served up to be devoured?

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