Increased Council Expense Accounts


CJBK’s making a big deal this morning about the increase in expense accounts for Council members, but they’re coming to the party a bit late. You’ll recall that I first raised this story at year’s end (you can read it again by clicking HERE ).

The recommendation is to hike each members’ expense account from $5,400 to $7,000 was supported by Bill Armstrong, Joni Baechler, Gina Barber, Nancy Branscombe, Judy Bryant, Roger Caranci, Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, Susan Eagle, Tom Gosnell, Paul Hubert, Gord Hume, Bud Polhill, Harold Usher, David Winninger; voting against it were Cheryl Miller, Stephen Orser and Paul Van Meerbergen.

Why are they so focused on the expense accounts? At least there’s some restrictions about how that money can be spent. As opposed to the automatic salary increases that nobody except me has made any mention of.

Other Links:
2008/02/08 – Globe & Mail: City scrutinizer of councillors’ expenses axed


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