BookCrossing Release – 2008/02/08


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  Title: Murder List
  Location: Bowl-A-Rama
Thompson Road;
London, Ontario
  Time: 9:00 p.m.
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Heiress and philanthropist Regan Hamilton Madison is persuaded by her best friends Sophie and Cordie to become involved in their amateur investigation of a con-man, who runs popular self-help seminars. The two are convinced he murdered a gullible milionairess for her money. The three women attend one of his receptions and participate in a “cleansing exercise” geared to rid them of their anger. Participants are asked to make a list of people they really don’t like and wish would disappear – folks they wish they could murder. Unbelievable?! Regan is shocked but plays along. They are then asked to burn their lists, which is symbolically supposed to cleanse them of negative feelings. Unfortunately, Regan is unable to burn hers, because her cell phone rings and she walks outside to answer it. After the event, she leaves the conference center and is attacked by a strange man on the way to her car. She drops her phone, the intact list, and fortunately escapes with her life. Soon afterward, the first person on her list dies, an apparent suicide. Then another one has a fatal heart attack…



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