A Windsor Perspective


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Ewww! I wish that they hadn’t felt it was necessary to mention our downtown “multi colored tree art” in an attempt to portray us as “a creative city.” 01 (j/k)

More seriously, I do appreciate the benefit of being able to consider the different perspectives that non-Londoners have of our community and the direction that we’re going in. That’s much healthier than navel-gazing, don’t you think?

I’ve long advocated taking lessons from other communities, especially the larger ones. Where they’ve been, we’re at now. And where they’ve gone and the problems that’s caused, that’s where we’re going, unless we make conscious choices to take us down a better path.

“…we seem to do things for a fraction of the cost of London…” 01

Validation! Why does it cost the City so much to do things? I feel so strongly about this, that I referred to it in each of the first three of my submissions to London’s Governance Task Force that I’ve made so far. Thanks Windsor!

01. 2008/02/15 – ScaleDownWindsor: London funding vs Windsor’s creativity

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