Let’s Import Ralph Nader


“Consumer activist Ralph Nader today launched his third bid for the presidency…” 01

Famous for his consumer activism, Ralph Nader has decided to make his 5th bid for the U.S. Presidency. “In 1992 he ran as a write-in in both the New Hampshire Republican and Democratic primaries, and other primaries. In 1996 and 2000, he was the nominee of the Green Party; in 2004, he ran as an independent, but was also endorsed by the Reform Party.” 02

01. 2008/02/24 – Washington Post: Nader Hopes Third Presidential Run…
02. Wikipedia: Ralph Nader

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2008/02/24 – Scholars & Rogues: Nader reaction defines…


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One Response to “Let’s Import Ralph Nader”

  1. jackofspades83 Says:

    Shouldn’t be too hard. We Americans seem to prefer to be lead by idiots…

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