Toll Roads: Part of a Smart Anti-Congestion Plan


You may recall that I’ve previously suggested that toll roads (congestion fees) would be a good thing for London. 01 Now Toronto’s Mayor has joined the choir; David Miller thinks that tolls would be good for his city too. 02

It isn’t a new idea. In 1700s Britain “turnpike roads…were private businesses that maintained roads using the income obtained from charging for its use…” Over the past +100 years most new roads have been built “using funding from income tax and other government taxes.” But increasingly, old is becoming new again, as cities struggle to cope with serious congestion problems. “Toll roads like the M6 Toll are funded in a different and much fairer way. The cost of building and maintaining them is borne by the developer who recovers his outlay and interest charges by levying tolls on the traffic which uses the road – in exactly the same way as turnpike roads were operated 400 years ago. Thus toll roads are paid for only by the people who use them.” 03

01. 2008/01/09 – FMBS: Ted Kheel’s fight…
02. 2008/02/23 – Toronto Star: Mayor backs serious look at road tolls
03. M6toll

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One Response to “Toll Roads: Part of a Smart Anti-Congestion Plan”

  1. Gord Harrison Says:

    If governments could efficiently direct the taxes collected I’d still support a higher provincial and federal tax portion on sales of gasoline (as per recent column i.e 50 cents per litre). Big users pay more, no new infrastructure needs to be built or maintained.
    One way or another our wallets have to be dinged several times per week.


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