Will London Spring For Cost-Share Police Hires?


One of the provisions of yesterdays federal government budget is a commitment to provide resources to recruit 2,500 more police officers across the country. Provinces and territories have until March 31, 2008 to opt into the cost-share initiative. 01

It’s no secret that I’ve long advocated for the hiring of additional police officers, and I continue to do so. As I attempted to demonstrate in a recent post, the ratio of police officers to hormone-charged young males in our community pales in comparison to many other Canadian cities. And the StatsCan numbers upon which that conclusion is based do not take into account the swelling of that demographic during the UWO and Fanshawe school years.

There is always considerable debate here in London about the size of the police budget and the ability of local ratepayers to sustain it. And the just-concluded budget deliberations were no exception. That being the case, can local police and politicians ignore this opportunity to secure federal financial assistance in order to increase our number of front-line officers?

If I have any questions, they pertain to the timing of this announcement and the arbitrary time frame being imposed by the feds.

01. 2008/02/27 – CNW: CPA Applauds Government’s Commitment …

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