Today’s CSCP Appearance


I made a verbal submission to the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee (CSCP) this afternoon, and I think that it was fairly well received.

I spoke at length about my 2006/05/17 proposal for a Pedestrian Committee, and my concern about the secretive manner with which it was treated by staff and City Council. I also previously spoke about this when I addressed the Governance Task Force. Fortunately, Mr. Bill Brock is a member of both, and he seems to have some appreciation that this is a matter of due process for citizens who are trying to deal with City Hall.

I made a significant effort to impress upon the committee, the importance of City Hall’s failure to act upon the London Police Service report which identifies the design of the intersection at Commissioners/Pond Mills as being dangerous to pedestrians. I named the member of staff who received the police report and has taken no action, and I suggested that said staff member ought to be dismissed FOR CAUSE.

I also introduced the subject of potentially regulating the height of fences that border pedestrian walkways. Naming the walkway which connects Eagle Crescent and King Edward Avenue, I offered my opinion that it is an excellent example of a fence which creates a tunnel environment that reduces the likelihood of passersby from being able to detect any assault which might be taking place.

I spoke about the comparitively spartan budget for installing lights in pedestrian walkways, and offered that as an example of the disconnect between City Hall’s rhetoric with respect to pedestrian travel, and what it’s prepared to spend money on.

Continuing with that theme, I spoke about my efforts to find out why the Transportation Master Plan was not reviewed along with the review of the Official Plan which just concluded. This is something that I’ll be pursuing, perhaps in the form of an inquiry to the Minister and/or the OMB.

Following Mr. Brock’s lead, CSCP passed a motion to request that Civic Administration provide it with a copy of the report that was prepared for the Striking Committee (the current members of Board of Control) with respect to my Pedestrian Committee proposal. If that request succeeds, then perhaps at long last I’ll learn whether staff made any real effort to study the issue, or if the report contains nothing more substantial then a simple recommendation.

Until that matter is dealt with, CSCP does not appear to be ready to deal with the others. I can only hope that the continued delay does not result in tragedy, either in the local walkway or the dangerous Commissioners/Pond Mills intersection.

There are many other pedestrian-related issues which I didn’t address today, but hope to be able to do so in the future. Things like landscaping along walkways and sidewalks, signal timing issues, obstruction of sidewalks by parked/idling vehicles, the arbitrarily limited criteria used by staff in issuing warrants for pedestrian crosswalks, etc.

Allow me to take this opportunity to remind you that I am extremely interested in obtaining contact information for persons who are interested in pedestrian issues. The more people who are willing to be involved in the pursuit of pedestrian safety/rights, the better the chance for some real progress. Please give me a call at 519-649-0500 or email to fowgreATyahooDOTcom.


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