D-I-Y Litigation Video


Produced by the Canadian Bar Association – Alberta Branch… a how-to video 01 on presenting or defending your civil claim. It is about 25 minutes in length, and uses common types of courtroom disputes to explain the kinds of evidence you may need for your case as well as how to organize and present that evidence to the judge. 02

It’s not as good as having trained (and competent) legal representation, especially when the other side does. But it definitely seems like more assistance than unrepresented litigants here in the province of Ontario are apt to find.

01. CBA-A: Civil Claims Video
02. ACJnet: Representing Yourself? Court Procedures

Other Links:
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2008/03/04 – Toronto Star: Video helps those who can’t afford a lawyer
2004/04/17 – CABA: Law Day 2004


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