Safety Trumps Privacy


The TTC has received the Ontario Privacy Commissioners go-ahead to increase the existing 2,400 cameras that are already in operation in subway stations and buses. The planned $21 million security system will see that number increase to 11,034 by 2011. 01

01. 2008/03/04 – Toronto Star: Green light for TTC’s 11,000 cameras

Other Links:
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2006/10/30 – CityNews: T.T.C. Starts Camera Installation On Buses & Streetcars
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2008/03/03 – CNews: Toronto transit camera plan OK…but…controls urged
2008/03/03 – Globe & Mail: Ontario privacy czar says TTC security cameras OK
2008/03/04 – Globe & Mail: Approval given for use of 10,000 cameras by TTC
2008/03/04 – LFP: TTC gets the OK from privacy boss for more cameras

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