BookCrossing Release – 2008/03/05 #2


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  Title: Bright Shark
  Location: Molly Blooms
700 Richmond Street
London, Ontario
  Time: 10:00 p.m.
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It is 1988, and the American research vessel Fanning II is conducting underwater tests off the coast of Greece when it discovers traces of the Dakar , an Israeli submarine lost in 1967. The Dakar so concerns U.S. intelligence that a file, code-named Bright Shark, remains open after 20 years. Nor is America the only interested party. As Navy lieutenant Edna Haddix and Department of Energy troubleshooter Wendell Trent seek to solve the Dakar ‘s mystery, Israel and the U.S.S.R. join forces to preserve the submarine’s secret–at the price of direct confrontation with the U.S.



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2 Responses to “BookCrossing Release – 2008/03/05 #2”

  1. Picard102 Says:

    The waitress picked up the book I think.

  2. fowgre Says:

    That’s cool, so long as it’s to read it and not toss it in the lost&found or the garbage 😉

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