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With a bit less luck, one of last weeks treks over to the local neighbourhood mall for a bit of exersize and a cup of java and some socializing might well have been the last walk that I ever took!

pic 01 pic 02
pic 03 pic 04
pic 05
pic 06

I’ve written before about the topography of this area, most notably the dangerous situation that exists for pedestrians at the Commissioners/King Edward intersection because of the ‘valley’ that it lies in (click on pic 01).

In fact, that intersection is where I had my previous serious scare. One of those hills, the one which crests at Frontenac Road (east side of crest shown; click on pic 02), poses considerable danger to pedestrians on it’s west side as well.

Let me explain that there is no signalized crossing on Commissioners Road East between Frontenac Rd. and Adelaide Street. It’s a long stretch of often very busy 4-lane arterial (speedway). And with a couple of large apartment buildings on either side of it (pic 05, pic 06), not to mention the Eagle Crescent residential neighbourhood, the absence of any assisted crossing poses a considerable risk to pedestrians and public transit users.

So, here’s the deal. Given the absence of any assisted crossing, I always try to cross at the intersection of Commissioners Rd. and Eagle Crescent. Waiting as usual for a break in the eastbound traffic coming from Adelaide St. in the west, and seeing no vehicles between me and the crest of the hill at Frontenac Dr. to the east, I started across as quickly as my bad knee would allow. About 5 seconds later (and two steps away from the semi-safe mid-road median), I feel the wind at my back followed by the sound of it’s passing. I tell you, this idiot had to have been going over 100 clicks! By the time I could turn my head to confirm what had just happened, he (?) was already starting to make the turn onto Adelaide St.

How much more dangerous is this situation going to become once the City decides to allow further development of the south side of Commissioners at Eagle?


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