Move Over, Timmie… Here Comes CoffeeCulture!


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Having just left the ETC meeting at City Hall where I listened to another excellent submission by Jay Stanford, it seemed the perfect opportunity to check out the new coffee shop across from London’s Central Library.

So, here I sit, enjoying a very tasty Italian Ciabatta sandwich and the requisite cup of high-octane caffeine in the new downtown Coffee Culture Cafe & Eatery at 260 Dundas Street.

Spacious, attractive, pleasant staff (so far), good eats, java with a jolt, reasonable prices… and did I mention free Internet?

Did I say reasonable prices? This breaking news… coffee refills for only 53¢!!!

If the London Downtown Business Association wants to put “feet on the street” (Downtown Task Force 2008), this is definitely one good way to do it. Establishments that ignore the desire of customers to have Internet connectivity will inevitably fail to prevent their migration to more responsive competitors.

Come on down and check it out. Say “hi” to Kay, the owner, and tell her that Greg sent you. I highly recommend it.

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2 Responses to “Move Over, Timmie… Here Comes CoffeeCulture!”

  1. Phronk Says:

    Sounds pretty awesome. Free internet is a must in a place like that. I can’t believe Starbucks is still charging for it.

  2. picard102 Says:

    Maybe the downtown association should provide ubiquitous free wifi throughout downtown.

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