Make Our City a Global Hotspot


The message is essentially the same as the one that I conveyed to you yesterday, just a bit more poetically: “It is integral to the dignity of mankind that one must be able to read his or her emails in a public place.” 01

Well, actually there’s another message contained in the post, but it’ll require checking it out a bit more; ie, that the other London on the banks of the other Thames River has now become the WiFi capital of the world.

It’s a missed opportunity I tell you! Think of all the hotspots that could be created with all the Ambassador London cash that being scammed out of City Hall . Think of all the feet on the street, stopping for a moment’s relaxation and a quick blog post about our communitiy’s walkability, a sure-fire affordable visitor magnet if ever there was one.

Now think of all the millions of taxpayer dollars that Dave Leckie wants to spend treating cracks in our ever-expanding road system.

01. 2008/03/17 – Londonist: London, Wi-Fi Capital Of The World


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2 Responses to “Make Our City a Global Hotspot”

  1. Phronk Says:

    Yeah, there really should be worldwide WiFi by now. The future is coming along a little too slowly for my tastes.

  2. fowgre Says:

    Hey Phronk, thanks for the comment. Why didn’t I have your feed in Google Reader? Anyways, that injustice has now been rectified 🙂

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