Catching Up on Carbon Tax


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There’s never enough time, is there? I’m trying to play catch-up on the ‘carbon tax’ issue. Here’s what I’ve got so far…

“Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing faster than expected…Carbon dioxide emissions were 35 per cent higher in 2006 than in 1990… In addition to the growth of global population and wealth… Increased industrial use of fossil fuels coupled with a decline in the gas absorbed by the oceans and land were listed as causes of the increase.”  01

The Quebec government announced that it would introduce a carbon tax in October of 2007, “believed to be the first of its kind in Canada.” 02

With the introduction of it’s ‘A New Energy Revolution to Avert Global Catastrophe’ new climate change plan, the Green Party “is calling for carbon taxes that would increase gasoline prices by at least 12 cents per litre.” 03

An arms-length agency called The National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy has released a study which “bolsters the case for government intervention.” 04

“If you do the right thing, you pay less; if you don’t do it, you pay more,” says Stephane Dion, with respect to energy companies that don’t reduce carbon dioxide emissions and water use. 05

“The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy released a report…saying federal and provincial governments should immediately begin negotiating a national price on carbon… the Climate Action Network Canada noted the panel has joined a long list of advocates calling for carbon pricing.” 06

The B.C. government has introduced a ‘budget-centrepiece’ carbon tax “and changed Canadian public policy forever.” 07

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is reported to have said that a federal Liberal government led by him would put an ‘appropriate’ price on carbon “as part of a way to fight global warming.” 08

The environmental group Friends of the Earth Canada have proposed a “climate protection plan” that would see ordinary consumers pay extra for products and practices that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, according to a carbon fee schedule.

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Other Links:
2007/02/28 – Globe & Mail: ‘Carbon tax’ on gas, electricity urged for Canadians
2007/03/12 – Toronto Star: Airline to let flyers pay carbon tax
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2008/02/21 – Toronto Star: McGuinty says no to carbon tax
2008/02/25 – CNEWS: Carbon tax could generate $50B yearly: Suzuki
2008/03/18 – Toronto Star: Put a price on carbon
2008/03/27 – Toronto Star: Report foresees carbon tax on polluting countries
2008/03/29 – Toronto Star: A tariff on carbon


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