Rubber Sidewalks?


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“There are rubber balls to bounce, rubber galoshes to keep your feet dry and rubber gloves for the nasty cleaning chores. Now, in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood and in a growing number of cities around the country, there are rubber sidewalks.” 01

“Rubbersidewalks were invented by Richard Valeriano, Public Works Inspector for the city of Santa Monica, California and tested in that city for over three years.”  02

“Tree roots and freezing weather won’t crack them…The shock-absorbing surface also happens to be easier on the joints of joggers, and more forgiving when someone takes a spill.” 03

01. 2005/10/05 – SeattlePI: Rubber sidewalks add bounce to city foot traffic
02. Rubbersidewalks Inc: Why they work
03. 2006/07/26 – WashingtonPost: New Rubber Sidewalks Easier on the Joints

Other Links:
TreeLink: Cities Install Rubber Walks to Save Trees
2006/07/12 – CSM: Rubber sidewalks go where concrete fears to tread
2001/07/14 – Mindfully: With Rubber Sidewalks, Trees Are on the Rebound
2006/08/04 – NPR: New Rubber Sidewalks Tested in 60 Cities
2006/09/13 – Boston Globe:Talking the talk on rubber walks
2006/09/19 – USAToday: Tree roots can’t ravage this sidewalk
2007/02/10 – MailTribune: Recycled sidewalks will protect trees, kids
2007/10/04 – KNDO: Rubber Sidewalk a Surprise in Pasco
2008/02/27 – Seattlest: Bellevue Investing in Rubber Sidewalks

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