ETC’s Apparently Correct Parking Decision


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In a very brief release in today’s paper (Parking Proposal on Hold; London Free Press ‘City Hall Briefs‘; 2008/04/08), we’re told by ‘Sun Media’ (ie. an unidentified source who may be a LFP journalist or may not be) that ETC “cast doubt on the proposal…that would have allowed Londoners to park their vehicles between the road and sidewalk [because] such a practice would hurt efforts to get more people to walk and would raise concerns in student neighbourhoods.”

Be advised that the qualified headline associated with this post stems from my uncertainty about the accuracy of the reported information. I very much regret that illness prevented me from attending yesterday’s committee meetings, and that those meetings are not recorded/streamed to interested citizens (something that I’ve long advocated).

If the decision was to reject the proposal, or reserve decision on it pending further consideration and/or input, then I am of the opinion that it was a correct course of action.

Regular readers of this blog know how inadequately local politicians and police look out for the safety and convenience of pedestrians in this community. Those readers are aware of the many issues that I’ve raised, the examples that I’ve shared, the way that my proposal for a Pedestrian Committee was handled, the way that I was excluded from having any input into the review of the Transportation Master Plan, etc. So if the news that the committee has expressed some appreciation for the needs of pedestrians turns out to be factual, that will be welcome news indeed!

I can only feel sorry for those Londoners who aren’t aware of this site, but who frequent another local blog and may have read today’s unsupported foggy inference that the committee told Londoners to “take a hike” and that this issue is somehow related to overnight street parking. Because, from a pedestrian-issues perspective, it certainly is not.

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