Death of a Sidewalk


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sidewalk pic

Sidewalk unexpectedly ends along the north side of Commissioners Rd. (major east-west 4-lane arterial) just east of Wellington Rd. (map). Providing proof that the city’s Transportation Master Plan isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.


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3 Responses to “Death of a Sidewalk”

  1. mark Says:

    I don’t even know where that is, but it reminds me of the insanity taking the bus to Whiteoaks and walking over to Winners.

  2. fowgre Says:

    Mark: I’ve provided a link to a map for you. Also, I’ll be making a greater effort to document other examples over the coming months, so if you’d care to be more explicit with your Whiteoaks reference I’ll see what I can do about checking it out.

  3. mark. Says:

    Thanks! The ‘Whiteoaks’ reference: I live downtown, so I take the 13 bus to Whiteoaks. The walk over to Winners (Wellington and Exeter) from the Mall’s bus stop is quite dangerous (I’m able bodied so it’s ok for me – just annoying, but I often see elderly people having trouble with it). From the bus stop, you have to get through the parking lots, navigate a strange road that shoots off (Holiday Ave), then walk along a dirt-path, much like the one in the photo above, with very fast cars right beside. There’s a controlled intersection at Exeter, but car drivers seem ‘amazed’ that there’s a pedestrian and I am always extra careful crossing the road, especially the turning lanes.

    But this is just symptomatic of many problems for pedestrians around London. I’m convinced the problem stems from drivers coming from the suburbs and not having pedestrians around. Thus, when they come into the city, pedestrians are seen as a ‘problem’ and aren’t given a chance to cross any road.

    I’m very curious about the laws regarding crosswalks here. I lived for many years in Victoria BC where pedestrians are treated like royalty! There, as soon as a person comes to a crosswalk and looks with intent to cross, all cars MUST stop and both lanes must wait until the person has crossed and on the sidewalk. Here (take Princess and Colborne for example), a pedestrian stands at a crosswalk and cars do not stop – ever! You just wait until there are no cars and then cross like you would if you were in mid-block. Or take the ‘crosswalk’ on Dundas right by the Shoppers Drug Mart and the Market. Cars – the city buses even – never stop to let people cross. I wonder why those lines are painted on the road!

    Cheers, and thanks for a forum to vent! haha

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