Media Release: National Youth Week


The Corporation of The City of London
April 29, 2008

National Youth Week – May 1-7

London will kickoff the second annual community-wide celebration of National Youth Week at the 2008/05/01 Emergency Services Partner’s Youth Charity Breakfast.

“National Youth Week is dedicated to the celebration of youth aged 13 to 24 and their active participation in the community,” says Laurie Quinlan, Supervisor of Neighbourhood and Children Services with the City of London.

A youth planning committee has partnered with The City of London, local businesses and service agencies to design an action-packed week of fun, creative and interactive events. “We hope to bring youth, service providers, schools, agencies, and businesses together to host a week that celebrates youth in our community,” says Sally Thomson, Supervisor of Neighbourhood and Children Services with the City of London.

Saturday, May 3, will be the highlight of the week’s festivities with plenty of activities taking place in the downtown area. The Ultimate Events include a talent show at Wolf Performance Hall (Central Library), a basketball tournament at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, an art show featuring youth art and photography, also at the Central Library, and a scavenger hunt throughout the downtown core.

Whether it is recreation, drama, sport, dance, civic engagement, art, volunteerism or leadership, every day young people are involved in meaningful activities during their discretionary time. National Youth Week is a time to honour their involvement!

Go to for the calendar of events, great resources and more information.


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