Obstructive Drivers


car blocking sidewalk

At one of the city’s strangest intersections (Commissioners/Adelaide) it isn’t at all unusual for vehicles exiting the plaza to block the pedestrian roadway (ie sidewalk). Typically, there’s never a cop around when you need one.


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4 Responses to “Obstructive Drivers”

  1. Phronk Says:

    This annoys me too, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. A car often needs to pull up past the sidewalk in order to see properly and make a safe turn. If it’s a busy street, they may do this well before a pedestrian is even near them.

    Nice drivers will reverse when they realize someone is coming, but sometimes that isn’t possible (like if another car is behind them).

  2. fowgre Says:

    Yes, there are always exceptions. And yes, sometimes in those cases the driver will back up for the pedestrian. But most of the time it’s simply because pedestrians aren’t accorded enough respect.

  3. mark. Says:

    “pedestrians aren’t accorded enough respect” – well put! However, it has to do with the design as well. Take the exit from the parking garage on King Street at the Market downtown. As a pedestrian I’m often ‘blocked’ by a car that’s waiting for traffic so they may pull out onto King. But I was in a car once leaving that garage and it’s very difficult to see pedestrians when driving up that exit ramp. Almost the exact same ‘design’ just down the street for the exit from the Galleria’s parking garage on King.

  4. fowgre Says:

    Good timing! Check out my latest post, about the urban design plan going to Planning Committee on Monday.

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