Lobbying for London’s Pedestrians


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Trying to keep you informed about what’s going on.

Look for the follow-up post.

To Cheryl Miller, Gord Hume, Steve Orser, Walter Lonc, Paul Hubert, Joni Baechler, Anne Marie DeCicco
Cc Philip McLeod, Paul Berton, Steve Garrison
From Greg Fowler
Date Mon, 5 May 2008 09:21:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject Road Rehabilitation Program vs Pedestrians
ETC members:

The recommendation to spend $7.3 million on road rehabilitation projects (tonight’s ETC agenda item #8) is abhorant, and proves once again that London’s rhetoric about alternative transportaion is a lie. Compare this proposed expenditure with the total annual Warranted Walkway Lighting portion of the Street Lighting Improvements budget (TS5121) of only $20K, and the total annual Warranted Sidewalks budget (TS1163) of only $230K. (source: Life Cycle Renewal Capital Expenditures)

Is this why Mr. Leckie excluded me from having any input into the review of the TMP?

I trust that you have all read my latest public criticism with respect to the lack of transparency in ETC meetings, and that you will make a better effort today to ensure that the gallery can hear what is transpiring. And given the importance of this agenda item, I trust that at least one of you will have the integrity to call for a recorded vote.

see also: Urban Design Work Program


Greg Fowler

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Gregory Fowler
To: Judy Bryant
Sent: Saturday, May 3, 2008 8:49:45 PM
Subject: Re: Urban Planning

Hi Judy,

Not to beat a dead horse, but it’s important to me that you don’t misinterpret my position.

I didn’t mean in any way to criticize you or Mr. Galloway for anything that I heard during your meeting. I’m totally on board with everything that was said. But I’m tired of waiting to see any concrete action, and I’m particularly upset about the way that pedestrians are ignored in this community.

The transportation hierarchy ranks pedestrian travel as most important, then cycling, and then public transit. All of these things should be considered and incorporated into any plan, and given priority over automobile transit. Otherwise, you’re all just posturing, and I’m going to become much more vociferous in my public criticism.

Every one of you has ignored the identified dangerous intersection at Commissioners/Pond Mills. You’ve all ignored my calls for increased funding of the walkway lighting plan and the sidewalk construction budget. You’ve all ignored my requests for a pedestrian committee. Roger has repeatedly ignored my inquiries about the height of wooden fences in pedestrian walkways and the danger to pedestrians who have to cross Commissioners between Adelaide and Frontenac.

I appeared before the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee and spoke about the Commissioners/Pond Mills intersection and called for Mr. McGuire’s termination with cause. There’s been no response.

I am London’s most publicly outspoken pedestrian advocate. And yet, when I inquired whether or not the Transportation Master Plan was being reviewed along with the Official Plan review, Mr. Lucas lied to me. He said that it was not being updated. And even though I complained about being excluded from that process and indicated that I am prepared to ask for recourse from the Ontario Municipal Board and the Ontario Ombudsman, none of you has responded.

When I tried to appear before the Accessibility Advisory Committee to speak about the difficulties encountered by me as an individual with a recognized severe disabiltiy, the City Clerk advised the committee secretary that I not be allowed to do so (acc. to the secretary). So I’m also prepared to file a complaint against the Corporation with the OHRC.

Instead of being ignored, I expect to start getting definitive responses to my communications.

I’m currently waiting to see if my applications for appointment to the CSCP and TAC will be accepted or not. And if not, what rationale will be offered. Because I don’t think anybody is more qualified to represent pedestrians on those committees than what I am. And pedestrians badly need to be represented in this community.



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