In The News – 2008/05/06


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Local, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!


  • Council urged to accommodate more disabled
  • Family lives in fear of gang retaliation
  • Homicide victim was stabbed in neck
  • London-area Filipinos turn out to greet ambassador
  • Taking steps to be ready called vital
  • UWO student begins wheelchair journey
  • Waiting list forcing some parents to quit jobs
  • Canada/Ontario

  • 2 sets of Livent books alleged
  • Anglicans must share Ontario churches
  • MPP Deb Matthews shameful closed-door meetings
  • Let’s find a better way to plan Ontario cities
  • Margaret Trudeau’s drunk-driving Ontario acquittal
  • Property rights vs greater good
  • Toronto Councillors seek reimbursement for legal costs
  • Toronto’s enlightened panhandling plan
  • Canada/Other

  • Canada’s missing illegal immigrants
  • Feds shut down information access tool
  • More questions about allleged illegal Tory election spending
  • Stronger rules/enforcement needed for Canada’s charitable sector
  • International

  • Does your doctor have you on a death list?
  • Myanmar Cyclone Toll
  • New U.S. Mortgage-crisis questions
  • Oil hits record $120 on supply woes
  • Santa Cruz rejects sharing wealth with poverty-stricken countrymen
  • The racial gap in U.S. drug arrests
  • Who’s your daddy?
  • 2 Responses to “In The News – 2008/05/06”

    1. John Leschinski Says:

      Where is Batman when you need him. Someone needs to start cracking some skulls in Kipps Lane.

    2. fowgre Says:

      I think there needs be serious consideration given to the use of bylaw officers to ticket speeders, red light runners, etc. so higher-priced police have the opportunity to deal with more serious infractions. I pitched the idea to Tory MPP Bob Wood years ago and got the cold shoulder. But I still think it deserves having a look at.

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