Mike’s Anti-Pedestrian Food Basics


Yesterday I asked “Only in London, Ontario CANADA you say?” Today I answer unequivocally, “Let’s hope so! Let’s pray that pedestrians nowhere else are treated with such contempt!” Sadly, I know it isn’t true. And that’s why pedestrians all over the world are getting increasingly political.

pedestrian vehicle hurdle

It used to be that I’d only take still photos like this one. I’ve alerted city politicians and staff to many of them, but they haven’t made much impact. I rarely get a response even from my ward Councillor.

So, I’ve decided to step it up a notch. I’ll be shooting video whenever possible from now on.

If what I manage to capture warrants it, I’ll attempt to have charges laid by London Police Services. Speaking of which…

Recently, in response to a complaint by me against a driver who almost succeeded in hitting me while exiting a parking garage at Dundas/Waterloo, Sgt. Thomas O’Brien declared that criminal charges would have been laid against me for contacting said vehicle had the Crown Attorney been willing to proceed. I say to Sgt. Thomas O’Brien, who may find it increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye to the actions of motorists against pedestrians…

Shame on you, for valuing inanimate material objects more than human life!


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