What does the Tim Horton company value?


What does the Tim Horton company value? Besides corporate profit, and positive PR? Anything?

closed to community valuesAfter the local paper hit the stands this morning with the story of a Tim Horton employee who had been fired for giving a Timbit to a baby, I included a link to it in my daily index which I titled ‘Cold-hearted Tim Hortons PR blunder’ 01.

The story was picked up by CP and quickly went national 02. And international 03. And as I had anticipated, the reaction was not favourable for the most successful coffee franchisor in Canadian history.

The coffee chain’s head office did top-notch PR damage control after the story gained wide-spread exposure and “reinstated” the 27 y.o. single mother of four, throwing “an overzealous manager” into the jaws of public opinion in order to protect it’s corporate reputation. But can Tim Hortons head office be excused for what happened? Does Tim Hortons corporate head office actually have a positive outlook on such things as community values, or is it’s intervention simply a case of self-serving deception? Would Tim Hortons corporate head office intervened if the story had remained local? if the incident had been reported to them but not reported in the media at all?

Stay tuned for my follow-up post which will detail my own personal experience with Tim Hortons.

01. 2008/05/08 – LFP: Timbit for baby costs job
02. 2008/05/08 – TorStar: Tim Hortons fires single mom…
03. 2008/05/08 – Digg: Woman fired at Tim Hortons…


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4 Responses to “What does the Tim Horton company value?”

  1. Bill Deys Says:

    Ok, the girl didn’t get fired for “stealing” a timbit. That incident was the straw that broke the camels back. There was likely a long list of reasons they wanted to get rid of her and that was the first offense that would stand up. It didn’t, sort of, she is out of that store, she was hired by corporate to work at a different store. One NOT owned by the guy who owns that location, and about 4 more. The manager was also the owners daughter and not a power hungary manager. Yes Tim Donut Ltd (TDL) wants a good public reputation that’s why they hired her back, I don’t agree with the move but I look at thing differently then the “public.”

  2. fowgre Says:

    It’s been alleged that there may have been previous problems but my understanding is that there’s no documentation to that and that the woman in question has denied being aware of any previous problems. If you know more about that aspect of it than what I do, I’d appreciate hearing it. So far as why TDL hired the woman back, how can any of us ever be certain of the real reason? Again, if you have any first-hand knowledge proving that “that’s why they hired her back” I’d appreciate hearing it.

  3. dougrogers Says:

    Hey greg

  4. Steven Hodson Says:

    As good as it is that Tim Hortons made right on this situation it is too bad that the same do the right thing attitude doesn’t exist in regards to them dealing with my wife over her being short changed by a counter person and taking the position that she was wrong – or in the words of the franchise owner for the area – Sorry but there isn’t anything I can do for you. If you are interested you read about the whole thing here http://www.winextra.com/2008/05/28/tim-hortons-make-sure-you-count-your-change/

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