In The News – 2008/05/09


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Local, regional, national, and international. Whatever catches my attention and interests me. Updated throughout the day!


  • Donations appeal re Tammy Dahr
  • Labatt donating $10M to UWO
  • New look in store for London
  • PCB sites
  • Canada/Ontario

  • +260-passenger CN train quarantined in Foleyet, Ont.
  • Charges tossed because of delay
  • Did Ontario fail to act on preventable C. difficile deaths?
  • Investigating the YouTube “Windsor Police Officers’ Booty Radio call”
  • Ontario’s severance ‘loophole’
  • Parent reaction to school trustees spending
  • Canada/Other

  • Armed posses terrorize Prairie communities
  • Increased number of Grand Banks icebergs
  • Probing Canada’s Tamil community
  • Satellite dishes for 92 aboriginal communities
  • Tackling Canada’s disparity, before it’s too late
  • The Bernier/Couillard affair
  • International

  • Food crisis grips Afghanistan
  • Gunmen Kill Chief of Mexico’s Police
  • Shiite-Sunni Clashes Intensify in Beirut
  • U.N. Pressures Myanmar to Allow Aid
  • Violence escalates in Zimbabwe
  • Advertisements

    4 Responses to “In The News – 2008/05/09”

    1. John Leschinski Says:

      Guess I’ll be going to the museum tonight.

    2. fowgre Says:

      I’d like to also, but it’ll depend upon the duration of the cyclist organizing meeting at the library. For sure I’ll be taking in tomorrow’s events at the museum though.

    3. John Leschinski Says:

      I have to be in Detroit tomorow unfortunatly. So I hope to read the interesting things that happend here, photos too maybe?

    4. fowgre Says:

      I’ll put in a request to my photo department and see if they can send somebody 😉

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