Typically London – Shut Out Again


The Friday LFP article which described this weekend’s sessions at Museum London about ‘well planned’ urban design failed to mention that the planning which went into the sessions may have been less than ideal. 01

natalie dee
Let’s pick up the story where I left the house at 12:10 PM. I arrived at the bus stop at 12:15 PM and proceeded to stand there (no seating provided) until 12:40 PM. It only took the Adelaide northbound #406 10 minutes to get me to the major connecting point at Dundas/Adelaide, but of course the eastbound bus that had also arrived just a moment earlier didn’t bother to wait for any transferring passengers. Another 10 minutes waiting for the Cherryhill westbound #416 and a short trip along Dundas and I disembarked at Queens/Ridout at 1:11 PM.

Presented myself at the Museum London reception desk at 1:14 PM and inquired about the location of the presentation. Imagine my chagrin when I was told that “the Director” had just decreed that the room was “at capacity” and that I could not attend the event. “What’s the venue’s capacity?” asked I. A shrug of the shoulders and a laugh was my reply.

Such is life for those of us who try to live an alternative transportation lifestyle in London, Ontario CANADA. With the full understanding (and closed eyes) of City Council and the LTC.

That’s the London, Ontario CANADA that the city’s new urban planner, Sean Galloway, has yet to become acquainted with. And needs to, if he’s going to do a good job.

From: Gregory Fowler
Date: Sat May 10 11:13:01 2008
To: Brian Meehan
Cc: Sean Galloway
Subject: Entry RefusalSir,Upon arriving at 1:00PM at Museum London for the first urban design presentation of the afternoon, I was refused admittance by the receptionist, and it was explained to me that the venue was “at capacity.”

Kindly answer the following questions prior to my taking this up with City Hall:

  • which of your rooms was the venue held in?
  • what is the capacity of said room?
  • who determined that the room was at capacity using what mechanism?
  • who booked the location?
  • what is the rationale for refusing entry to individuals with backpacks and electronic devices?
  • are there allowances for disabled persons like myself who use them as assistive devices?
  • how much financial assistance did Museum London receive from London last year?


Greg Fowler.

Stay tuned…

Fortunately, KevBo made it to Museum London before they tiled the doors. Click HERE to read what he’s had to say about the goings-on that I missed.

Stay tuned…

01. 2008/05/09 – LFP: Urban design program creating framework…


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4 Responses to “Typically London – Shut Out Again”

  1. Kevbo Says:

    You know, this would NEVER had happened if London hadnt been behind the times and had their GPS installed in their buses by now. Oh wait, thats coming, but not for another um….. year and a half.

    Sorry you missed it, if it makes you feel any better the lecturer was a crack pot and although some of the things he said were relevant and had potential that was all dismissed by his lack or respect, him being all over the map in his presentation and the over all poor nature of this presentation. Anything substantial he said was just discredited two minutes later by some other remark, its just too bad that the majority of the people there were laughing to much at his “jokes” to see through the crap.

  2. fowgre Says:

    Thanks for trying to cheer me up. But this is less about my being shut out of a single presentation as much as it is about accessibility. And that needs to be examined in a broad context. It’s like a puzzle, with lots of pieces that fit together to make a whole that makes sense. And dependable, timely public transit is one key component of the whole. And city officials who understand the barriers that certain populations of people have to face is another. The longer that these things are only paid lip service, the more public and outspoken we have to become. Because that’s the only way they’ll listen.

  3. John Leschinski Says:

    I enjoyed the lecture. He made a lot of good point about how there is little care in the way our world is being visually designed in the last 20 years. I also enjoyed the feminists who got all in a twist when he suggested the next president would be a man, and the guy who spun a yarn about our impending doom.

  4. Kevbo Says:

    Oh the comment about Nuclear Weapons and such….. I wish I had of had some popcorn as that question/comment was as entertaining as a hollywood blockbuster. (oh and I was very impressed how Kunstler sidestepped almost all of the questions and didnt answer them).

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