Undermining the Cause


As much as it hurts to post this photo…

…it’s easy to understand why pedestrians get a bad rep sometimes.

With guys like this visibly flaunting the law (and common sense), those of us who are struggling to promote pedestrian rights/safety don’t need any enemies.

Not quite so easy to understand, the officer in the northbound cruiser which was entering the intersection who ignored the infraction and kept on going. Something that I see often. They can’t all be going on calls, can they?

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2 Responses to “Undermining the Cause”

  1. Kevbo Says:

    “They can’t all be going on calls, can they?”

    sure they can, I mean why else do you see them running reds all of the time then turning off their lights and sirens. Certainly they had to get through that light that much quicker to get to Tim Hortons.

  2. Phronk Says:

    That’s pretty dumb at most times of the day, but if NO cars (or cops) are around, I admit that I’m not gonna wait a few minutes for the light to change when going against it can’t possibly do any harm.

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