Berton’s Pedestrian Pronouncement


If you haven’t done so yet, click HERE to read Paul Berton’s latest pretentious POV newspaper column.

You probably won’t ever see it printed in the LFP, and it’ll likely be about 4 days before they post it on their website (so fewer people will read it), but you don’t have to worry about that. Because here’s a copy of the response that I submitted to Mr. Berton just moments ago:

It’s About Time

How long have I been trying to interest you in pedestrian rights/safety issues? Nice of you to finally get around to writing something. Too bad though that you didn’t think to pick up the phone and talk to me. Are pedestrians using crosswalks? Who’s determined to be at fault, numbers of tickets issued, etc? Did you think to ask any questions about those stats, Paul? Did you think to ask Tom O’Brien why only 30% of auto operators are being ticketed for striking pedestrians? When you want to give this serious issue the attention that it deserves, you let me know.

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