Dion and Suzuki Have it Right


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It doesn’t come as any great surprise to me that “famed environmentalist David Suzuki has strongly backed Liberal leader Stephane Dion’s emerging carbon tax plan.” 01

Nor am I surprised that he would slam the Conservatives, since “most environmental groups have slammed the Conservatives’ environmental plan as ineffectual and say even if it works, it would still result in emissions that are eight per cent above Canada’s 2012 Kyoto target [and also] the Tory plan relies on intensity targets, not absolute ones.” 01

What does surprise me, is that Mr. Suzuki has also publicly slammed the NDP. It’s ok to have your own strongly-held opinions in the NDP, but you’re not supposed to show any public sign of discontent. I found that out after Bob Rae’s government started to flip-flop on party policy and I spoke out against it (as an Executive member and as a matter of conscience) and was ordered by the provincial party secretary to shut up. You may also conclude that that’s why the NDP ran a candidate against me in Ward One during the last municipal election and split the vote for the benefit of Mr. Caranci.

NDP activists also have a bad habit of needing to have ownership of everything that might be viewed as being ‘progressive.’ It doesn’t seem to matter how good an idea is, if it originates from somebody else it either has to be discredited or intellectually stolen.

In this particular case, the NDP is using the feeble excuse that Mr. Dion would reduce other taxes at the same time that he would tax carbon, resulting in revenue-neutrality for the govenment. “NDP MP Peggy Nash said…her party wants a system where polluters pay and the money is put into “green solutions.”” 01

Some people (and I’m one of them) would call that a tax grab. And I’ll criticize it even further for lacking transparency. If the NDP feels so right about it’s “green solutions” then it should propose each (and an associated tax increase) on it’s own merits.

Your thoughts?

01. 2008/05/18 – CTV: Suzuki slams…

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One Response to “Dion and Suzuki Have it Right”

  1. garden Says:

    Sometimes when the NDP attacks the Liberals it just serves to help the Conservatives and I think this is one of those times. Layton is simply reinforcing the Conservative message by saying “Putting a tax on top of what people pay to heat their homes doesn’t seem very fair.” Anyone who really cares about the environment knows that something has to be done and the Conservatives are not going to do it. Suzuki is right to blast the NDP on this one.

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