Free Public Transit Is Gaining Credibility


Even though local politicians and media have mostly ignored my efforts to raise this topic so far, you know that it’s only a matter of time once the Toronto heavyweights start to latch on to it.

Have a gander at Is free transit the better way? in today’s Toronto Star. Then you might like to have a look at this recent post.

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4 Responses to “Free Public Transit Is Gaining Credibility”

  1. Phronk Says:

    Sounds good to me, if it’s at all feasible. I’d gladly pay higher taxes for free public transportation, and the environmental and health benefits that go along with it.

  2. Pat Says:

    I would be totally in favour of this.
    I don’t pay London taxes.

  3. fowgre Says:

    It would be cost-prohibitive to try doing it by itself, Pat. Accompanying would have to be things like dedicated public transit lanes, financial disincentives for automobiles (i.e. road tolls), higher parking fees, a moratorium on any further road widenings, intensification vs urban sprawl, etc. The true cost of so many people driving automobiles is higher than what the cost of what ‘free’ transit would be.

  4. picard102 Says:

    I like how they say “without any doubts about global warming” as if there is no one in disputing her beliefs of global warming.

    I’m all for free public transit, but certainly not at the cost of road tolls. There are very few public transit systems in the world that are at such a level of service and efficiency that make cars less necessary.

    New York is one of those. Each time I’ve been there I park the car buy a pass and ride the subway. There isn’t a place you can’t get too in a timely manner over a car most of the time.

    London Ontario is not one of those places with a great transit system, and neither is Toronto. Only ever need to get to the core and live near a subway line then Toronto is great, otherwise you are sol.

    I don’t think the cost is that prohibitive for transit that people wont use it. I used the LTC for 2 months last summer and it was cheaper financially then driving, but at the expense of time wasted, and the decision not to go out at all a lot of the time unless it was work related.

    Like I said, it’s not the cost that stops me, it’s the poor service.

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