Im from London and Im Here to Stay


KevBo avatarNot-so-much-PhotographerIt was rather odd. I received an email a couple days ago inviting me to be a contributor here on From My Bottom Step. I didnt know what to think.

“Someone wants me to contribute to something? Perhaps they have mistaken me for someone else.”

Thats exactly what I thought for a day or so. I kinda blew off the idea of contributing to another blog when (at times) I can barely keep up with my own, but then I began thinking about it more and decided it might be something worth a shot.

In the short time Ive been reading From My Bottom Step Ive become much more interested and involved in whats going on in London, Ontario. Perhaps its a new perspective, or a shared perspective (on somethings not all). The fact that Ive become more involved might also be attributed to me recently (in the past year) moving from the “burbs” to the downtown core.

Being born and raised in London, Ontario Ive always felt somewhat of a disconnect with the city. I attribute this disconnection to living in the “burbs” all my life (as well as not being old enough to care, but thats no excuse).

With the outlook for the future being the way it is, chances are I wont be leaving this city, something I have no reservations about. In the past there have been times when I have wanted to run away from this city, kicking and screaming, but thats in the past, not in the present, nor in the future. (although chances are Council might make me want to act this way from time to time)

So with all of that out of the way I think Im going to make an honest attempt of posting here, on From My Bottom Step. What I intend on blogging here will be those things that are London, Ontario centred and based, and I will save my random ramblings for my own blog. My posts on here (or back on my own blog) maybe few and far between but it seems as if thats how I operate and changing that is probably more work than its worth.

What can you expect from me? An honest opinion that I can almost be certain you arent going to agree with, but thats fine, I dont want you to agree with it, and this way there is a greater possibility of a more interesting dialogue. Youre going to get un-edited posts because thats how I operate. I figure I have to worry about being proper for roughly 8 hours a day, why bother when Im on my own time?

Punctuation and spelling are thrown out the door. I figure if I go back to edit a post in any way Im going to end up editing the original content and its original meaning. So if it seems raw, un-kept and most of the time disjointed and all over the place thats pretty much normal.

So with that said, Hi, my name is Kevin, but some people call me Kevbo, others KVL.

Welcome to my bottom step.


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3 Responses to “Im from London and Im Here to Stay”

  1. fowgre Says:

    Great intro, Kevin! Thanks for accepting the offer. Perhaps others will accept their invites as well, and we’ll get a healthy mix of opinions here (besides my own loudmouth style LOL).

    For the sake of full disclosure, I did edit the post in order to move the photo up to the top, and I stripped out some redundant code. I’ll email you the details. Other than that, it’s unedited.

    Welcome aboard! 🙂

  2. KevBo Says:

    Greg, thank you for the invite. In some ways you might say that I consider it a type of “honor”. Is there anyone else that writes on here besides yourself right now?

  3. fowgre Says:

    You’re the first guinea honoree! 🙂

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