Amending London’s Fence By-law


According to the ETC agenda (which as usual wasn’t available on the city website until yesterday), senior city administrators are proposing changes to London’s existing fence by-law.

As London’s most prominent pedestrian rights/safety advocate, it bothers me considerably that I have to find out about something like this at the last minute, and only because of my own personal due diligence. For the moment, I’ll simply remind you that the subject of timely notification to interested citizens is something that I’ve addressed with many local politicians and staff, and did speak about in at least one of my verbal submissions to the Governance Task Force.

To Heather Lysynski
Cc Cheryl Miller ; Gord Hume ; Steve Orser ; Walter Lonc ; Paul Hubert ; Joni Baechler ; Roger Caranci
From Greg Fowler
Date Sat, 24 May 2008 06:39:44 PM
Subject Request for ETC Delegate Status
Chair & Members
Environment and Transportation Committee

May 24, 2008

Please accept this request to be granted delegate status during the 2008/05/26 ETC public meeting with respect to agenda item #18 (revised Fence By-law).

Be advised that I wish to express a particular concern which has so far been ignored by city staff and my ward Councillor, from the perspective of my role as a pedestrian rights/safety advocate in this community.


Mr. Gregory Fowler

Since I only just became aware of this staff recommendation, I’m still working on the submission. You’ll have to check back here again later in order to read it. Stay tuned…

Other Links:
Municipal Statute Law Amendment Act, 2006 (Bill 130)
Municipal Act, 2001 Review


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2 Responses to “Amending London’s Fence By-law”

  1. jfredin Says:

    Before I support you as a delegate, what is your position on fence reform?

  2. fowgre Says:

    Still a work in progress, but THIS POST should answer the question.

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