Highbury Ave Bridge Restoration


KevBo avatarIs it just me or was the rehabilitation of the Highbury Ave Bridge not already started and completed a couple of months ago?

You can prove me wrong but Im pretty sure that the bridge was ripped up (both sides, north and south bound traffic) inconveniencing 1000’s of people each day for a period of months, a time frame which felt like forever, and put back together already. Prove me wrong! As far as I was aware this entire process was complete, I guess I was wrong as what did I see this past Sunday (May 25th) but a large number of construction workers working on a newly torn up bridge.

What gives London?

Someone must have messed up big time to force these construction workers (city workers or contractors, it makes to difference) to work on a Sunday. This must have cost a pretty penny and Im well aware of who will be footing the bill, Londoners.

So what happened with the bridge? Hopefully not what happened with the Wellington Ave South/401 overpass expansion, where one of the worst contractors ever was given the job and messed it up severely, making the project run much longer than it should have (still on the go by the way). The name of the contractor has slipped my mind but that’s not important, what is important is the fact that once again the City of London has made some poor decisions somewhere down the line and now the inhabitants of the City must pay the price.

Whatever the issue may be Im sure that its something that could have been addressed in the beginning and avoided altogether, however, because the city is too busy worrying about how much to raise their wages, the correct attention was not give to the things that matter the most, the things that affect the people of the city on a daily basis.

With all of that said (I seem to say that in almost each one of my posts) Im sure that this 2nd round of bridge rehabilitation will take no-where near as long as the 1st round did, Im sure it will take much longer.


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One Response to “Highbury Ave Bridge Restoration”

  1. Kevbo Says:


    I was driving over in the area of the Highbury Ave Bridge this weekend and I was surprised to see that the bridge was now paved over and in better condition than it previously was. Sure there were still two construction workers working on a Sunday, and Im sure the City is shelling out a hefty amount for it, but at least the bridge is repaired.

    How long will it last?

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